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The SYNCROTAPE Brand is associated with importing  & exporting, and distributing the best equipment for the audio, video, automation, and lighting control markets for residential and corporate needs, such as WyreStorm, Revolabs, Biamp, and RGB Spectrum, among others.
The SYNCROTAPE Brand was born in 1973 as a manufacturer of audiovisual equipment for use with Kodak slide projectors, including, later, the OEM manufacturing of items for data communication under the order of the former Burroughs, today Unisys.
In 1990, with the opening of the Brazilian economy, it started to import and distribute in the country, with exclusivity, the video and data projectors of the Belgian company Barco. It was adding to its portfolio, in sequence, products from the most renowned international brands, expanding the service to the needs of its resellers and customers.

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